About our decals

Our high quality, reproduction and pre-aged helmet decals are suitable for all types of German helmet restoration. They each represent various wear conditions and as such, with a little work can really help to add the finishing touch to your original or reproduction helmet.

Your helmet collection can rise up in a moment - it wasn´t there ever before!

Metallic decals are on special metallic background that most accurately reproduce a realistic appearance of original World War II decals. Unique metallic underlay is from our own production and are manufactured specifically and only for metallic decals. All our metallic decals are handmade in limited series.

Metallic decals are watertransfer exactly as the original. Decals have the same dimensions as original decals and they are the same in size and colourfulness.

This is a non-political website. Decals sold on this site are for collectors, re-enactors, helmet restoration or historical research purposes only.  We do not condone, encourage, or promote Nazism or anything associated with Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. We express deep sincerity and empathy for those affected by Nazism in any way. We supporting re-enactors units and historical researchers of Second World War in our country.